Key activities


 Key activity No1: professional seminars or excursions

Regional centres registered in Enersol project 2014 are supported by partnership  schools of its particular region. After the agreement with headmasters/headmistresses of partnership schools, seminars or excursions will be organized by the regional centre director. As the priority topic  of 10th year is considered  to be energy savings and  heat recuperation in family houses.

The  lecturer seminars are ensured by  regional centre directors or, after the agreement, by the headmaster/headmistress of respective partnership school. Seminars have been organized since September 2013, but they will have been secured at the latest till 10th January, 2014. The topic of the seminar is not important for the selection of students´projects. These seminars are only complementary form of education on Enersol project topics.      


 Key aktivity No2: Students´ Enersol Projects


are the cardinal key activity of Enersol Project.

The workout of the project and its consequent school or public presentation, or the one at regional, state or international conferences,

give the best account of environmental educational programme and enlightment in

given topics relating to energy savings or transportation emission reduction.

Students, their teachers and professionals from practice  create modern education by sharing information on particular technologies, their economy and influence on the environment or pubic opinion, as well as information on gradually implemented  innovations.